There is no doubt that makeup certainly enhances a woman’s confidence making her feel beautiful from within as well as on the outside.

Huji has been successfully practising hair and makeup for many years now, this includes working with the likes of Neev from Kiss FM and Jo Wiley from Radio one. Huji has also the experience of working on video shoots for a variety of music genres, she has carried out makeup at London Fashion Week as well as for the Jewellery Awards. Huji has also been fortunate to work with leading photographers, including Studio 1B for Photoshoots who possess a large variety of clientele.

Huji clearly has a passion for working with clients on a personal basis, she makes it not just her job but a priority to accentuate your individual unique features and make you look your best. You are never made to feel under pressure to wear make-up that you are not comfortable with, Huji gently encourages different looks, but ultimately the goal is to make you feel confident and content with your overall look, after all a woman can only carry herself with confidence if she is happy with the result from within. The main focus for your day is to make sure you will look as good in person as you will on camera.

Camera and videos make memories for you, but ultimately it is the perception and views of the people who see you on your special day that will be talked about long after. You become Huji’s personal project and she will ensure you look flawless – that is her assurance.

There is no doubt that makeup today is at an all time high, with social networking sites such as MSN, Facebook and Twitter heightening vanity to its best ever high. There is no shame in wanting to look absolutely amazing for any occasion or even all day every day. Huji thoroughly enjoys teaching women how to do natural makeup for an everyday look, just small tweaks here and there on how you apply your makeup can make an unbelievable difference and it takes less than 20 minutes of your day! Get in touch if your curiosity gets the better of you!

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